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Springfield, MO Doctor Offers The Solution for Chronic Neck & Back Pain

Welcome to Cherry Health Center, Southwest Missouri's resource for proven, state-of-the-art therapies, modalities and technologies. Here you can learn about the various programs and treatments we offer that have helped thousands of our patients get their active lives back, free from pain. Cherry Health Center is a fully certified, highly trained rehabilitation team specializing in treating:


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Spinal Decompression in The News!

Read Research About Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

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  Herniated, bulging and/or degenerated discs in the lower back
• Neck pain
• Sciatic pain and numbness
• Sports injuries
• Automobile, workplace and other accidental injuries
• Occupational injuries and disorders
• Headaches & migraines

We will do whatever necessary by whatever means necessary to try and eliminate the cause of your pain as quickly as possible. We therefore believe an integrated approach of several different therapies and modalities is the key to helping you regain a normal lifestyle free from pain. Our entire staff will strive to be friendly, compassionate and dedicated. That means showing you the proper respect and concern and always doing our best to meet your needs.

We must be willing to accept and implement criticism, and dedicate ourselves to work to always be working to improve our processes and procedures to make your medical treatment effective and enjoyable.

We must be willing to take the time needed to help educate you on the steps to achieving better health.

Call today at (417) 869-2000 and see if you are a candidate for this breakthrough technology!

Spinal Decompression Success Cases

"Spinal decompression is the way to go."
Cherry Health Center User Patient Testimonial I had lower back and leg pain for about 20 years. I have almost completed my [spinal decompression] treatments and am almost pain free. Spinal decompression is the way to go.

- Shirley Davis

"Cherry Health Center helped my condition 100%"
Cherry Health Center User Patient Testimonial I had been in pain for two years. I tried pain medications but my pain still bothered me so much that it interfered with my work and hobbies. Cherry Health Center helped my condition 100%.

- Grant Harvey

"Nothing helped as much as decompression and accompanying therapy"
Cherry Health Center User Patient Testimonial I had constant back and neck pain and had difficulty getting in and out of a car. After treatment at Cherry Health Center I have had little, if any, difficulty doing anything and everything.

- Andrew Esther

"I am nearing the end of my treatments and I am pain free."
Two weeks prior to my first visit to The Cherry Health Center the pain in my lower back and left leg became severe and constant. After five or six treatments, I was convinced that I had made the right decision and that I would once again be able to enjoy golf and bass fishing.

- Jack Little

How do I get started?

Contact our office at (417) 869-2000 to schedule an initial consultation with the Doctor to determine your individual situation. Medical Evaluation and Diagnostic testing procedures should be performed prior to beginning any treatment in order to determine the most effective process. After carefully studying your case history and exam findings, the Doctor will sit down and explain his recommended plan of action for you. After answering any questions you may have about the recommended plan, you may begin your care.

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View our patient testimonials or contact us today with a time and date that are convenient for you. We'll find out the "why" behind your problem and how to solve it - and then coach you to better health!!

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Serious back and neck pain in the form of sciatica, herniated disc, bulging disc, or spinal stenosis can be treated using non surgical spinal decompression. Learn more about this safe and easy back pain treatment offered by Cherry Health Center by reading about our chiropractic services; check out the spinal decompression reviews from our satisfied clients; read questions and answers about spinal decompression; do your own spinal decompression research; visit the spinal decompression education center; and read Cherry Health Center spinal decompression blog.

The Cherry Health Center is located in Springfield, Missouri and is proud to treat residents in Springfield suffering from back and neck pain; including everyone in for conditions ranging from herniated disc to sciatica to spinal stenosis.