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Causes of Back Pain and Prevention Tips

“Ouch, my back hurts!” Most everyone has experienced back pain at some point in his or her life. In fact, it is one of the most common reasons for missing work or visiting the doctor. Some common causes for your back pain might be a compression fracture, degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, sprains, strains, obesity, or trauma to bony elements. While back pain usually relieves itself with rest and pain relievers, there are steps you can take to prevent back pain from occurring altogether. Take a look!

Exercise: Moving your lower back is good for both relieving and preventing pain. We recommend low-impact aerobic exercises including swimming, walking and butterfly squats.

Build Back Muscles: Strong back muscles come from the right workout. Some simple back exercises that will bring big results include pull-ups, deadlifts and rows. Remember, don’t hyperextend your back with too much weight/reps or you may do more damage than good.

Stand Straight: Bad posture adds strain to muscles and puts stress on the spine. This can cause constricted blood vessels, muscles, joints and discs. Many times, people who suffer from back pain see a positive difference after improving their posture. Good posture includes head, shoulders and knees in a straight line, chest high and forward.

Lift with Legs: Before lifting, know your limit and do not lift objects that are too heavy. Stand with your feet spread shoulder width apart, bend down with your knees, grasp the object and lift slowly with your legs. When holding a heavy object, try to keep it as close to your center of gravity as possible.


The causes of back pain can be very complex. If you are experiencing back pain, seek professional advice from Cherry Health Center. We utilize x-rays, MRI, myelography and discography, nerve conduction study and bone density testing to identify any underlying problems and diagnose the reason for your pain. We can also provide you with chiropractic care, pain management and physical therapy to treat your back pain.

To make an appointment with Cherry Health Center, please visit our website or call (417) 413-5900.

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