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Health Resolutions

The new year is upon us and for many people, this means that it’s time to make some positive changes in life with some resolutions. We want to encourage you to add a few health-related goals to the list as well so that this is not only your best year on record, it’s also your healthiest!

  1. Focus on feeling better, not just on things like losing weight. This is important because weight is only one part of the overall health puzzle. You could be eating well and exercising but not see any results due to health issues. So look for opportunities to improve how you feel instead of hyper-focusing on weight alone.

  1. Select one health challenge at a time. Many people live with an array of issues, from neck pain and headaches to feeling tired all of the time. While health problems are often interconnected, you might feel overwhelmed if you try to solve them all at once. So if you’re facing multiple issues, select one and work diligently toward resolving it.

  1. Set that appointment you’ve been putting off. We know that going to the doctor isn’t fun, but it is necessary. We also know that many people put off making appointments because they dread talking to their doctor or don’t think they have the time. Make this the year you make that appointment and keep it!

  1. Encourage those you love to start making their health a priority as well. You don’t have to be heavy handed either. Just let them know that you care about them and want them to be around for a long time. Even simply sharing your own health-related goals can be enough to get those around you thinking in the right direction!

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