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Is It Really Sciatica?

Lower back pain comes in many forms, from an intermittent nuisance to a chronic or debilitating issue. If you’re experiencing back pain, however, even a relatively minor issue can take the joy out of life, making everything more difficult than it should be. Since back pain is such a common problem, that means there are many people dealing with a diminished quality of life.

One very common issue people face is sciatica. This is a pain that stems from inflammation of the sciatic nerve and it impacts the lower back down through the upper thigh. This pain can be intermittent, sharp, or shooting. Most of the time it also gets worse when sitting. This can make sciatica very painful for those with office jobs or while traveling.

Here are a few signs that you may have sciatica:

  • The pain includes sensations such as tingling, pins and needles, or numbness.

  • The pain is mostly limited to the lower back, buttock, and one leg.

  • The pain gets worse when you sit but may feel better when you lay down.

  • You feel numbness and pain in your buttocks, not just your back.

There are alignment issues that can lead to sciatica, but there are some potentially serious causes as well. For this reason, it’s important to talk with a doctor to determine the source of your pain as well as treatment options.

We’d love to help you solve your pain issues, no matter the cause.

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